Kratos by Devalspuppet ( god of war )

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  Comment by : Zach

  I did not like but if the person who made it made an updated version i might

I smite you if you dont

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  Comment by : nate

  THIS KRATOS suCKS i warn u don't download

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  Comment by : kasim

  awesome but small

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  Comment by : OOASAD

  OOHH MY GOD!!!Thanks buddy!!!

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  Comment by : Dared

  oh really wwell thanks for telling me cause if u did'nt i was going to make the biggest mistake of my life by downloading him and he does'nt do any thing lOL! again thanx happy

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  Comment by : EL CHOMPIRAS

  Kratos is too small.
doesnt talk
and lame moves.

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  Comment by : 1

  video removed

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  Comment by : darkramen

  haha awesome

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