poison ivy ( dc comics ) by Scarletspider5

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  Comment by : mindwarper10

  so...her image in the top right...must be incorrect? cause you have it blacked out...I can't download this char, because like Brandon, I love watching a char get raped in the face, unfortunantly shes getten her face kicked in XD lol, yeah I know bad mind...
but still, the character looks ok, but I can't see any reason to download her if I cant see a good fight, along with an image for her above her life bar...

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  Comment by : BRANDON

  nothing makes me want a char more than when i see it get raped in the face

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  Comment by : spart

  all of her attacks are very slow motion and all of her avatars are messed up, also no audio. its also very glitchy. this needs serious work to even be playable at all

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  Comment by : jik1993

  This looks more like she-hulk. It would make a great she-hulk char if someone worked on it more and if it wasn't so jumpy.

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  Comment by : rekka_taichou

  Very incomplete. Basically a jumpy Psylocke (Marvel Comics) pallette swap.

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