spawn by ER / Modified By Hioushi

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This spawn was edited and got new moves

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  Comment by : Zach


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  Comment by : ninja dude

  me beat ass me spawn. c'mon man hes way smarter than that. less zombie growling more simple grunts. i like the 1st ending taunt btw.

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  Comment by : Godzilla2000

  cool but its a not a file

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  Comment by : iKon

  he should have a good combo system also, spawns just naht himself if he can't kick some ass with a good combo XD

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  Comment by : Z´

  LOL, he looks like a guy who uses alot of Brute Force and no Brain ^^ "uhhhhhhrrrr uhhrrr" ... dry

He need some Powers as well ^^

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  Comment by : scorpion-999

  he still needs alot of work

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