Silver Surfer V2 by tops ( possesed by carnage )

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  Comment by : Psycho650

  My best char so far.... other than Dragon Ryu of course biggrin

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  Comment by : zDAVEv(RaStA dAvE)

  cut the download put the link back please!

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  Comment by : Chrisjan0299

  How do you change into a carnge in eve mugen cause mine not working

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  Comment by : gartanham

  Puts da horaaa...meu preferidooo ...aiai so falta achar uns finais decentes pra completar o mugen hehehe

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  Comment by : Mikeal

  tongue to get carnage cosmic to work you hold start button at the char select screen this push ur assigned z button

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  Comment by : Gekigami

  hey, can't seem to get Carnage cosmic. that hold enter and w only changes his colour to red. anyone know how to get him?

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  Comment by : Concrow

  Hay ive been looking for this guy everywhere and from what i see its a great character, but for some reason it wont let me downlaod him on z share?

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  Comment by : buy

  You must enable javascript to download from zshare.

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  Comment by : hercos

  yeah very good job but i have a problem, i cant play with cosmic carnage so tell me where can i change the letter to select him because i hold "s" in the keyboard and then press what i have configured in mugen as "z" (high punch or high kick i dont remember now)

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  Comment by : ninjaboy

  how do u turn carnage cosmic on EVE(everything vs everything)?
this mugen has different controls

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  Comment by : venom

  press and hold enter than press w on silver suefer v2

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  Comment by : Heretic875

  i cant dowmload it, each time i try it cuts off the download. could you possibly put an alternative download link? ive tryed about 10 times, i just keeps cutting out.

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  Comment by : SPITERMAN


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  Comment by : general jumbo


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