Cyborg Ninja UMK3 by Juano16

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  Comment by : Naoki_2534

  Link is broken


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  Comment by : LordRyuhishi

  Impressive char cool

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  Comment by : anonymous

  Some people need to stop saying it's stupid and an edit. It's three characters into one character. If you've played MK you would know who the Cyborg ninjas are

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  Comment by : jk_bulan

  mirror here

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  Comment by : Anderson

  gostaria de ter outros novos chars lutadores que estao no mortal kombat chaoc o novo ou outro diferente sim .mande a resposta queria baixar links para mim colecionar.

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  Comment by : anonymous

  i think hes goin for an edited Cyrax

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  Comment by : the spectator

  this character seems kinda useless
cyber ninja? seriously?

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  Comment by : Mass Distraction

  The download link wont connect or something.

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