Goku high definition ( dbz ) by Xande Toskomics

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high definition char . His ai is not very hard and the controls are weird. Considered by some the best mugen character

Rating: 4.3/42 | Tags: mugen Goku high definition ( dbz ) by Xande Toskomics DRAGON BALL


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  Comment by : tobi0275

  amazing! how did you do that cool smile

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  Comment by : kevinuzumaki

  THis is great but I dont know the moves and stuff

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  Comment by : Psi Optics

  Very nice work best Goku yet. I would like the Genkidama to do more damage though. Maybe make it a level 3 and a few more button combinations to make it more balanced though. I mean a Genkidama that cracks the planet should do some massive damage.

Well if you are ever able it would be really awesome to see a Super Vegeta HD that can use the Final Flash that he used in the series versus Perfect Cell where you can see the beam exiting the planet.

If you ever update Goku you should give him a crouch animation if able.

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  Comment by : folk

  cool goku. ps love the song!

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  Comment by : Tomas Turbando de oliveira


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  Comment by : guest


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  Comment by : Liam


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  Comment by : andikurnia

  wew, thanks for the char....btw, is there any gogeta HD..??

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  Comment by : vali

  continue making hd chars like ssj 4 -5 kid goku it will be so cool

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  Comment by : lando35

  WOW!! if he does this just out of boredom then i cant even imagine what his characters will look like when he is fcused and ready to create . lawd!

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  Comment by : ayodeji ibidapo

  its good

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  Comment by : neonori

  this char looks awesome downloading now now now

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  Comment by : dbzisawsome

  nice chracter man great

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  Comment by : Naruto's teacher

  can you do a ssj goku PLEASE!!
best goku ever

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  Comment by : Mugen Kitty


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  Comment by : Abdullah


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  Comment by : pain


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  Comment by : Finalflash

  uh where is the move list at for this goku i cant find it in his cha file.

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  Comment by : Mugenlover x3

  the song is unfitting XD I KNOW YOU GOT THE VIDEO FROM YOUTUBE BUT STILL unfitting music XD

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  Comment by : stayheredon

  hey can someone user here to find me Sangoku who transformed in goku ssj 1 , 2 , 3 and no more i lokedd in 860 chars in this site and i dont found

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  Comment by : danilodli


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