Nightmare Broli ssj3 by gulthor

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[ Download Nightmare Broli ssj3 by gulthor (7.48Mb) ]

Overpowered and impossible to beat

Rating: 4.4/30 | Tags: mugen Nightmare Broli ssj3 by gulthor DRAGON BALL


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  Comment by : Ronald

  There is some characters that can defeat him:
Dark Donald
Rare Akuma
KillerWhale(Not every time)

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  Comment by : shawn

  what other games is he in?

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  Comment by : shawn

  hes easy to beat bring ur health down transform into super mode and power up all the way and press that again u will go into ssj5. i know his moves inside and out.

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  Comment by : Filipe

  Hey can someone help me I wanted to know how to transform into ssj5 broly came I turned the computer but wanted to learn ssj5

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  Comment by : Evil_Angel


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  Comment by : Anuj

  i have ssj4 who wants this then

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  Comment by : ceco2000


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  Comment by : Rishav Saraf

  Hey..!! Itz a dangerous char and i think no one can beat him.....!! :)

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  Comment by : Tomas Turbando de oliveira

  lol degão

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  Comment by : axe


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  Comment by : RareShadow

  i beat him with raging rock howard

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  Comment by : Great Pisello

  I don't want a character impossible to beat. How can I weaken this character so that can lose all lifebar, at least? Because when Broli lose half lifebar, it can drop anymore. It's awful!

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  Comment by : dbz fan

  kick ass! character!

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  Comment by : Dolless

  good character ai a lil off tho seem if he fought god ken or any other streetfight he flies off screen

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  Comment by : mugen man77

  how do i get rar and 7z i can only get .zip folders plz E-mail me on

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  Comment by : aspen314

  how do you add more slot for charecter select or how to set big motif on?

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  Comment by : naxxmo


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  Comment by : HentiaLez

  How do you setup a character to be a final boss in mugen? please help im new.

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  Comment by : SinGoku

  1. go to select.def
2. find the character and look for order=
3. change the current number to a higher number.

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  Comment by : JoBlaze

  love this character. best use for boss stages

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  Comment by : SinGoku

  I have this character, but I cant get him to transform, why?

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  Comment by : ROXAS123

  i dont think he does transform

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  Comment by : GFW

  Awful character.

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  Comment by : MILTON


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  Comment by : overlordwu

  hey y when i play with Nightmare Broli ssj3 and i lose with him and try to play him again the game say something about a stage cant be played and cut off the game?

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  Comment by : buy

  Might be a problem with your stage not the character. Try to change the stage

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  Comment by : stayheredon

  good biggrin cool

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