venom by kong

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  Comment by : bob

  wWere can I get the stick figure?

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  Comment by : :)

  When I try to open the zip and when I try to extract, it says that there's no files in the folder, how is it 4mb and how'll I get venom?

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  Comment by : buy

  Downloaded now end extracted fien. Must be a problem with your extractor.

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  Comment by : Erramra

  The link seems to have malfunctioned. ;_; Damn.

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  Comment by : buy


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  Comment by : ericthemugenman


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  Comment by : buy

  Not true. I have just downloaded and everything is fine.

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  Comment by : ericthemugenman

  Its only 4mb

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  Comment by : Bamboo

  Why is the file 27mb dude?

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