Sonic MvC by lordyamil

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  Comment by : soniczx

  please post another link rom wat i hear tthis character must be pretty good

  Comment by : soniczx

  link is broken please fix

  Comment by : Rtv03

  VERY nice character. But the combo system is broken. Since most of the fighting is fast pace, it's almost impossible to do the lp, lk, mp, mk combo. When you press lp+lk Sonic does a dodge dash. I don't mind, most characters do that. But in order to avoid dashing, i have to hit lp followed by lk disturbs the flow.

Other than that, good character. I will keep it for novelty purposes. (untill i figure out how to re-program stuff like commands)

  Comment by : Burnzo777

  WOW!cheap character,HE ROCKS! 030

  Comment by : Jamaal

  post another damn link

  Comment by : the_shenic

  surprised WTF? es un char muy bueno ,pude sakar casi todas las ocultas menos la de super sonic , como hago para usar esa maxima?

  Comment by : Sthblueblur

  Um.. Never mind, I got it already, thanks and Lordyamil this character this Sonic Character is the bomb I love it so much, he is my favorite character!!!

I'm wondering i you could make a Super Sonic MVC and the transformation is hyper Sonic and he will be using a lot more powerful Kamehameha then big bang Kamehameha, well one that covers the screen! Thanks :D

  Comment by : Sthblueblur

  Nah see I used Down, Right, Down, Right X,Y,Z but its not doing anything, just regular Kamehameha or nothing. Can you help me on this I've been doing this or like forever ._.

  Comment by : Fede

  La Tecnica De Super Sonic Es Lo Mas Grande Que He Visto Loco

  Comment by : Fede

  Buen Personaje Esta Piola Me Super Sonic Es lo Mas

  Comment by : Andz

  How do you use super sonic?
Also in the instructions it says Final Kamehameha (can be done in air) (lvl 1)
D,DF,F x+y

What is F?! Is D for down? I'm using a 360 controller. 0_o

  Comment by : stewiefan1245

  hey the link takes me to a site where i download the char but when i click download it wont start can anyone help me?

  Comment by : Miles Prower

  How i use Kameahmeah?

  Comment by : Nobody's buisness

  I could make a better vvoicepack for him, but a cheap AI I can't help you all there.

  Comment by : Drivorobotnik

  Wow really good i cannot beat him for anything.
By the way to use the big bang karmahra or what its called its
d r d r xyz

  Comment by : Metal

  Good, but just to overpowered :(

  Comment by : anonymous

  also, he has a cheap and spammy AI

  Comment by : anonymous

  Great character, in fact the best sonic I was able to find, but why does he have goku's voice?

  Comment by : GUTSMAN

  finally a good sonic char thanks man he is sweet

  Comment by : somari011

  Thanks,this will be useful for my sonic mugen colection.

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