death note pack ( light yagami, lightultimate, L )

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  Comment by : nbgfr

  please fix your link !

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  Comment by : LeerRosh

  broken link

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  Comment by : rogueassassin

  Cheap light. One-Hit kills. wacko

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  Comment by : Christian Mackenzie

  Link's broken.

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  Comment by : buy


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  Comment by : goldie25

  link doesn't work, it takes you to, but then does NOTHING. meaning I (and I'm guessing no one else) can download.
Use it's way better

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  Comment by : buy


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  Comment by : kangman

  that scythe is just for show

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  Comment by : MGSSJ2

  Do you know? That Light has 2 other attacks. One where the opponent die striked by a train, and other called "THE WORLD - Time Stop!".

Also L has other attack, he calls Light, and Light uses the Death Note to kill the rival.

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  Comment by : buy

  New download link added.

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  Comment by : to udunknowme

  it says there name at the top of the screen XD

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  Comment by : Draken

  yeah luigi saved the day! xD

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  Comment by : qwerty

  you are sweet

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  Comment by : ucantw1n10

  hez cheap, but at least theres some death note chars biggrin

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  Comment by : udunknowme

  Raito is the most ridiculously cheap... And he never agreed to the shinigami eyes deal so, how does he know everybody's name AND how does he write it in the book so damn quick? o_O

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  Comment by : swagg_of_a_gamer

  its so gay cause he has the Death Note lol to funny doe

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