super luigi by ShinRyoga & NeoAnhk

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  Comment by : LuigiFan64

  Amazing character, ShinRyoga and NeoAnhk! It is really fun to play as this character. But I have a problem!!!! Did you know that Luigi's overalls are actually DARKER than Mario's? Well, this feature was not put in the character. Also, he is seemingly much weaker than Super Mario. Luigi should be just as strong as Super Mario, if not stronger.
All in all, amazing character.

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  Comment by : Apollyon

  darn you greeen marioo

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  Comment by : ThaYardieBoy

  is it just me, or does anybody else have SuperLuigi in Marios Default colors and SuperMario in Luigis defaults?

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  Comment by : Anuj

  I wnat Super Maro plz

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  Comment by : B. Lima

  Nice stuff

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  Comment by : hixen77

  can someone upload this mario too

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  Comment by : DamionCross

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  Comment by : woooo

  video removed

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  Comment by : buy


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