homer simpson by Warner & @ndroide

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  Comment by : zim

  homer rulz but not as much as me

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  Comment by : Triple DDD

  does anybody know how to use homer specials

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  Comment by : Someone

  I need the link of michael jackson plz

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  Comment by : drakestor

  i cant get to do any of homer specials how do i do them some send me a sheet of it please

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  Comment by : drakestor


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  Comment by : shadowknight19

  AWESOME smile

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  Comment by : ROXAS123

  do you know if there is a better michael jackson i am looking all over the internet for a michael jackson with more moves

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  Comment by : WHY?!?!

  Umm Homer Simpson is not showing up on the select screen i downloaded it and put his name in the select.def file but it is still not working? Did I do anything wrong?

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  Comment by : buy

  Problably you did.

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  Comment by : plz help

  you moste tell mee how you got micheal jacksson music? plz tell

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  Comment by : E-123 Omega

  that is awsome!

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  Comment by : Aloyasha2258

  link not working again

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  Comment by : buy

  Alternate link ,under the video, is working.

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  Comment by : Aloyasha2258

  ok thanks

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  Comment by : GUTSMAN

  lol iroris moves still an awsome char

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  Comment by : Celus

  Very Good char happy
Homer simpson owning!! cool

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  Comment by : damn

  download not working

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  Comment by : buy

  Alternate link added

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