Kenshin Himura Battousai Rurouni Kenshin by warner

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  Comment by : XBladeist

  well gonna download him out i don t care if they got their ass kicked by a litttle girl or akuma if the char is good it is good if it s ok

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  Comment by : omegabros6

  kenshin is cool

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  Comment by : Tomoko

  that girl is from kanon right? forgot her name though

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  Comment by : naruto11091996

  yeah this is my brother name

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  Comment by : okaythen?

  um... @ neonori

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  Comment by : sito

  you know its bad to advertise a character by showing then get their ass kicked by a little girl sad

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  Comment by : neonori

  omg i love kenshin psych i am no fag

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  Comment by : Kakashi:D

  tongue legalzinhoo good!

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