guts (berserk manga) by Oggy.

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Not too playable

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  Comment by : tsuk0

  I wonder if can make guts L8 boss somehow? he's that overpowered at least while i play him

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  Comment by : tsuk0

  This char is broken (completed the snk vs capcom mugen (including L7 boss) pretty easily (the first two bosses was the hardest imo)

You can almost spam light punch indefinatelly (x button) and do a very long reaching 3-4 hit air combo with medium punch medium kick (y then b then y then b...) and the ~DFDF+B tension move that summons a demon makes everything a lot easier ^^ i suggest adding a little bit knockback on the light punch and longer recovery time on air middle kick (Air+b).

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  Comment by : A dude

  wan't that char from a game

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