Dante by Bugya

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Video by striderhien

1:06 rising attack:*: -while keeping down- X

1:08 explosion fist*: -while in air keep pressing down- -keep pressing Z-

1:14 rising attack 2*: forward, down, down forward, forward, x

1:18 guns down*: -while in air- -keep pressing down- a

1:30 guns up*: forward+a

1:39Dance macabre: down, down backward, backward. down backward, down, down forward, forward X

most of attack can be linked, the best linking attack is the second attack in "second combo", after that you can use "Dance macabre" or any other move.

after using "guns up" you can use the "forward" used in it as a start for doing rising attack 2

if "guns down" hit and you are good at timing you can use "second combo" start (which if used with good timing will hit too) to link other attacks and make great combos

since dance macabre can be easily stopped by guarding its always better using when you're sure it will hit like in 1:45

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  Comment by : Desyz

  Really good work!!!! but the moves are nothing compared to mugen vergil and the AI of dante is also very weak.

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  Comment by : naruto123

  dante is the best in mugen

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  Comment by : 45artix

  More Useful Moves:
Rising Dragon: F,QCF Y
After Image(Doppelganger): b+y
RoyalGuard: b(time with enemy high and mid attack)
Release: F, b (time with enemy high and mid attack) (quick semi long range)
Wild Stomp(grab): (when Close to enemy) hold F, y
Stinger - Million Stab: QCB, tap x

*QCB means D,DB,B and QCF means D,DF,F

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  Comment by : 45artix

  Actual names:

1:06 High TIme

1:08 Volcano

1:14 High Time

1:18 Rainstorm

1:30 Rapid Fire

Other Useful Moves:
Tornado: After Casting Real Impact(QCF,QCF x or y) Tap X or Y
Crazy Dance: After Casting Dance Macabre, Tap X or Y

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  Comment by : SoL

  Thank you very much!))))))

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  Comment by : Deadpool nikka

  Its now 100% now :)

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  Comment by : SoL

  broken link sad

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  Comment by : devilrundevil

  broken link :(

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  Comment by : Kel..xXMkXx

  Link Dañado Podrias repararlo...
Muchas Gracias

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  Comment by : Sakata

  @ icarus who are u referring to? the one that made this one or the postee below u?.. becos if ur referring to this dante it did state it was beta lol :)

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  Comment by : null

  It looks good but I'm getting a zip error

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  Comment by : icarus

  Sorry but your dante kinda sucked and was unfinished This one is well needed

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  Comment by : striderhien

  so... it seems that the old dante is going to be replaced (after i did all that sprite work sigh T.T)

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  Comment by : erwerere


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  Comment by : Alacardt

  @ buy arigato! ^_^

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  Comment by : Alacardt

  Damn just read it was taken down and mediafire isnt showing that isnt offline, im not sure how long their gonna take to upload the full one, can someone reupload it someplace?

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  Comment by : buy

  Link works

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  Comment by : Alacardt

  @XBladeist there is already a virgil out there, it was made before this dante, im glad thought to see a finally good dante.

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  Comment by : XBladeist

  Link needs to be fixed.

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  Comment by : XBladeist

  Finally a dante that looks like himself question: Are you working on vergil? And are you planning to do Nero?

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  Comment by : Seanmyster6

What are you talking about? Dante here is about the only thing on this site that's NOT warehoused. Just linked to.

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  Comment by : DaLanimilbus

  FINALLY, an awesome, original(Mugenly speaking), well-made character! I'd almost thought they'd went extinct. tongue

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  Comment by : dchyang

  Awsome...! "Stylish..." my man.

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  Comment by : supaman2525

  finally dante has evolved to mugen and this verison looks better then ever good work biggrin

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