Ultimate Aizen by oz

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  Comment by : egiboi22

  the hypermove that slows everything won't stop because when i attack the powers keeps increasing. is there a way to control the time of the hyper move? i've been tryiong to put codes opn hitdef but i have no idea what i'm doing. lol! btw, love you aizen! ^_^

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  Comment by : I Hate Aizen

  i hate aizen,I Hate Aizen! I Hate Aizen!!! I Hate Aizeeeeen!!!

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  Comment by : xBLITZx

  "lol when he walks he looks like mc hammah XD"
XD He does!

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  Comment by : Espada_Fan

  should make kyougatsu in infinite reatsu

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  Comment by : Ichiron47

  I'm really glad that I rip Aizen in his Hueco Mundo clothes from Bleach The 3rd Phantom. :P

(I might rip Kaname Tosen in his Hueco Mundo clothes too, when I get back to ripping Bleach)

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  Comment by : Dared

  sexy char ^^

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  Comment by : XBladeist

  Epic music,stage,char.... DOWNLOAD chance 101%.

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  Comment by : [L]

  wow finaly i found Aizen in Espada or Arancar cloth what ever,good job by the way

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  Comment by : Espada_Fan

  You should make tousen with he cloth is espada and his hollow form :D

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  Comment by : Azuroh

  lol when he walks he looks like mc hammah XD

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  Comment by : MUGEN FC

  you have not made a char in mugen fukutaicho Hinamori!?I'm hoping it's a long time for visiting this site for mugen! purocure site Bleach DS sprite sprite who finds it!!!

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  Comment by : NoobAtThis

  Look good i download it :D

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