Winnie the pooh by Elecbyte

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  Comment by : Project13

  I shall download him for the lulz O.O

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  Comment by : helmet

  haha its looks like kungfu panda xD!

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  Comment by : serpant02

  Hahahah. Lol. Brilliant idea. See if you can find Pingu because i have him. Great Idea! I'm certianly adding this to my cool characters. Includes: Sheng Long, Spiderman, MASTER CHIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Many More......

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  Comment by : el leik

  kiero jugar todos los juegos de naruto

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  Comment by : CJ Brock

  Pooh and Spongebob vs Goro and Jax is sooooooooooooooooooooooo Cool!

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  Comment by : acegikmo

  this is pretty much a direct recolour of the panda from the ranma 1/2 game. I'd be not impressed but I'm glad I can play pooh.

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