Bender by Warner ( futurama )

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  Comment by : man

  finaly a bender that dosnt swear alot when he attacks

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  Comment by : Someone Random

  @ Guy, if you know the basics for character creation and have Fighter Factory, get both, take the sound from the English Bender that sucks, re-number the sounds to match them with the Spanish sound numbers, then place the English sound file into the Spanish, giving the snd file the same name as the Spanish snd file.

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  Comment by : Cosmic_C

  I was hoping for a sound pack for english, but his attacks are incredibly creative.

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  Comment by : NWRicky

  thanks dude this is a funny char

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  Comment by : spike

  broken link

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  Comment by : buy


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  Comment by : Cevap Gayline

  Thank You

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  Comment by : Badat

  hey buy the link for this download is broken as well...btw thanks for fixing the Raditz 2.0 link

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  Comment by : Jake

  Well, I guess that the Warner's links doesnt work... no mole, no leela, no Bender

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  Comment by : perkins

  same as what megamans wrote

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  Comment by : Guy

  Is there an "English" version of this character, because the other Bender I've seen sucks compared to this one, and this one speaks Spanish. -.- the dilemmas...

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  Comment by : Artem

  cool and no bad

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  Comment by : megamans only hat

  "This error code indicates that the page you are trying to view does not exist on the server or has been moved to a different location."

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  Comment by : buy


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