Nightcrawler by Twinimage ( x-men )

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  Comment by : mangia

  how do i fix the the pic in the character select screen? :'(javascript://

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  Comment by : Pandora

  Please fix link! No where else has him!!!

Link works

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  Comment by : victimschoice

  The character pictures are screwed up, but the character itself is well designed.

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  Comment by : xxJuanStunnaxx

  The char select picture is screwed up.

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  Comment by : Gassew

  WHERES THE DOWNLOAD LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  Comment by : kain

  I hate it when they put music over it, we need to hear the voice of the characters. Voices are greatly desired!

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  Comment by : Ruze

  Where is the file? cry

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