hulk 2099 by acey

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  Comment by : ultimo

  he wont work it wont let me extract his file folder to the character folder

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  Comment by : KaYz1992

  no its the Hulk 2099, theres even actually comics about it, go look it up, it ain't the killer crock

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  Comment by : thedeathmaster

  tihis is killer crock in a 3d version

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  Comment by : Terrorban

  Great Character!!

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  Comment by : KaYz1992

  he's the 2099 version of the Hulk, which is a futuristic kind, its not Bruce Banner, but still the futuristic Hulk, this guy is John Eisenhart, when he turns into the Hulk, he still maintains his human brains and doesn't go on a rampage.. you can read the rest yourself, really interesting character

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  Comment by : KaYz1992

  it could be someone's futuristic version of him, you know a custom made hulk?

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  Comment by : remieres

  this isn't the hulk but it's cool!, anyone know who this is?

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