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  Comment by : Killerking

  Deadpool is awesome and funny the perfect human or mutant.

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  Comment by : drawesome55

  lol ronald ftw

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  Comment by : Psycho650

  where is the alternate link?

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  Comment by : jd_9393

  Deadpool is drenched in win.

Have him go against Chuck Norris for a funny Deadpool monologue.

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  Comment by : victimschoice

  great job!

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  Comment by : deadpool

  deadpool is awsome!!! :)

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  Comment by : Kodi Hawkens

  I love that hyper with Cable, thanks!

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  Comment by : BioBuster

  I love Deadpool, a balanced character but I have noticed that the AI can throw as many grenades as it wants, whereas you can only have one on stage at a time. :\

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  Comment by : venom

  the link is perfect

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  Comment by : spart


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  Comment by : d2a_petro

  could you please email me deadpool the one i have sucks balls

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  Comment by : waleboi

  please send him to my email i want him!!


the fantastic 4

thank ya!

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  Comment by : flurry1111


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  Comment by : buy

  Alternate link added

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  Comment by : koolq360

  yo i need that

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  Comment by : buy

  Alternate download link added

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  Comment by : JaeNice

  DEADLINK,i need deadpool too cry

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