Dark knight Batman by spiderbat & ALEXZIQ

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  Comment by : Zach

  Anyone know what the greek guy said?

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  Comment by : iamnicelol

  batman :I will defeat you for good this time Joker
:joker: :Batman! you seen more stronger than before i need to say you rock W(Ò.Ó)W

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  Comment by : juanillo

  fucking amazing, one of the best in my opinion

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  Comment by : mattroks101

  smile wow he pwns

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  Comment by : KaYz1992

  is it really necessary to summon the batmobile? that is so cheap lol

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  Comment by : rrgh

  any chance of getting a moveslist?

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  Comment by : +++STROGG+++

  Бэтмэн здорова получился!!!техника движение удачные;))

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  Comment by : Flip

  best batman char ive seen

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  Comment by : birdman hump lil wayne

  royal pwner

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