kakarotto trans ssj8 ( dbz ) by FRS GAMES

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  Comment by : enmanuel

  the best char of all

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  Comment by : Julio rabbit

  noe even ssj4 is not transformation because they said gt wasn't the sequel to Z but dragon ball online

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  Comment by : Tomas Turbando de oliveira

  e nois qui ta

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  Comment by : jhonatan

  Muito apelao!

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  Comment by : mexicanskater97

  very nice 100/4

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  Comment by : mugenman

  its the char that makes all characters shake in fear it collided with ultimate broli nightmare ssj4 nd nightmare won in my mugen man wat a fight it was !!!!

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  Comment by : Balanr321

  Hello in case u havent noticed ssj4 gogetta i.e fusion of 2 super saiyan 4 s= Super Saiyan 8

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  Comment by : neonori

  ssj over 5 downloading now

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  Comment by : SinGoku

  My biggest fear is that there is a DBZ character out there that is stronger than this one....

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  Comment by : yawejg

  can someone just tell me how to basically add them first of all O.O.and if they don't work what to do.i can't even get them on there for one so its really frustrating if you could help please reply if you have time :)

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  Comment by : Mephiles

  mine wont work can anyone help me out?

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  Comment by : ^^

  got error , but i fixed my self with paste to goku ssj5 file

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  Comment by : buy

  Post the fixed version for us if you can.

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  Comment by : Kraymel

  one thing...OVERPOWERED

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  Comment by : snypez117

  does the character even work

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  Comment by : kinglion


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