God Akuma by Shadowleo

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  Comment by : DARKPAINGLEM

  someone I could pass the list of movements of this character?

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  Comment by : naruto2167

  dude, bast akuma in da worl man!
but it should have even more moves,like.....
charging the energy bar or something like that.
anyway good char

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  Comment by : Mugen

  When i open the link everytime it be GA1110beta.rar,Is that God Akuma?

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  Comment by : shadow_lord

  Awesome Akuma. One of the best ones out there. Especially when he stomps Orochi and knocks his sorry ass off the stage, classic. When will Kyo Type S come out?

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  Comment by : reverze

  first i was like " where the fawk word is akuma" then he just stomped the shit out of orochi

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  Comment by : ShinOrochiDavis

  That Kyo looks good too.....

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  Comment by : Kazuya

  Whats the name of the soundtrack you used on this clip.....Great work btw, kick ass God Akuma....

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  Comment by : jerry

  can you post that kyo up too he looks awsome

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  Comment by : Budis

  !!!! akuma kick ass!! :D i love him ^^ really good job. congrats :D

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  Comment by : Shadow

  thats the ai version the playable one is on the site


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  Comment by : Kazuya

  Hey shadow, is that the only version of god akuma or is there another one, oh and whats the song name u used for this clip, kick ass bro, holla back smile

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  Comment by : SinGoku

  nice job, color me impressed.

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  Comment by : NinjaKingRevival


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