god by Smoke ( bible fight )

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  Comment by : MGFA

  Hey,GOD musta be GOD,and heres a too easy one...

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  Comment by : Nimpe

  I would enjoy it better if his dmg was normal. Ovepowered mugens are only good for showing off.

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  Comment by : Julio rabbit

  you know GBZ god can be Zeus,Budda.The father of Jesus and many more.this is god too

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  Comment by : dpg

  the only char that can beat god and rare akuma at the same time is chuck norris.

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  Comment by : Schubey

  Adult Swims BIBLE FIGHT =D

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  Comment by : Nightmare

  Thats Zeus^^

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  Comment by : GBZ

  this isnt god, if there really would be god in mugen, he would pwn 50 rare akumas and many more with 1 finger.
the reason is because nobody and nothing is bigger than him.

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  Comment by : elemental darkrai

  i have a weegee character which could pwnt god

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  Comment by : shadows

  i want to take god on!!!

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