Goku by christpher

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  Comment by : mohid

  can tell me full list of controls?my controls are default setting for mugen

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  Comment by : Mezz8582

  He's good but the AI is HORRIBLE! 50% of the time the charge, then the other 50% is just them standing there V.V

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  Comment by : yakedo

  well i had to mildly reprogram it to work in ssj's 1-4 but i saw where you where going one thing though: more more more teleporting :P

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  Comment by : matheus

  galera o botao que transforma e Q pra BAIXO ok e o carinha e muito tesao

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  Comment by : Qpido

  Does anyone knows How to transform ? i saw Goku transforming when i've played arcade mode what are the controls to transform?

Thank you

Merry Christmas

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  Comment by : Mura

  I can't down it ! My idm have an error! Do you know how to fix it! your char is so cool and i want to test it.. plx help me!

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  Comment by : SMD BRUUHHHSS

  lets see if it works

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  Comment by : justme97

  i have a problem. when i try to install it on mugen game it says taht the file is corupted
what should i do?

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  Comment by : Orozuchi

  well, let's see if this is another rubbish goku or not = )

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  Comment by : gloriahester

  oh yeah the goku is sweet i got him on google weak but his transformations and super sayin spirit bomb is huge you guys should get him

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  Comment by : rogueassassin

  Tested Character. Works good. The link on the download page will bring up the download by clicking it.

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  Comment by : buy

  link works fine

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  Comment by : maikey2274

  [color=purple] sssd

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  Comment by : XBladeist

  Test and see how good he is.

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