Ichigo Mugetsu by ichidori555

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  Comment by : jd_9393

  Well technically this char is incorrect, because he only used Mugetsu when in this form meaning it would be better to have FGT as Ultra instead of a selectable char, but it still looks pretty sweet nonetheless. happy

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  Comment by : leon

  how do you make your own vid? im a noob

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  Comment by : Cable_Ownz_all

  Yea it does Not work FIx plox?

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  Comment by : INFERNO

  it doesnt work ((((

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  Comment by : Foxman

  what is the name of the song ? happy

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  Comment by : tadario7

  has the missing .sff file on here now?

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  Comment by : Legendary

  could u send me the mugen u got....r post a ;link this website so that everybody get it....plz and thx.....

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  Comment by : kenra adams

  it does not work on my version of mugen

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  Comment by : Azuroh

  Kinda sloppy ill wait for stormex and his crew to finish this correctly

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  Comment by : Sadox

  I'm waiting for that too o.O I want it!

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  Comment by : fajar

  Dude, can you make Ichigo before he transform into final getsuga tenshou?
I'll wait for that.. :D

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  Comment by : fajar

  where the .sff file??
are u forgot dude?

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  Comment by : ChronicDementia

  Go to youtube to watch the video, theres another DL link in the description with the ssf file included

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  Comment by : Jarne

  this is just an edit of vasto lorde ichigo >.>

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  Comment by : Sadox

  I want the awakened bankai character *-*

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  Comment by : sprites


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  Comment by : nard

  how to to use mugetsu the sword attack

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  Comment by : Sadox

  Sure, sff is fail.

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  Comment by : bladexel

  cooll dude i wait for this char for long time... biggrin

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  Comment by : Master of Pie

  The .sff file is missing from the character. Looks awesome but can't use him unti thats fixed

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