Kamen Rider Kaixa by fuddyfunny

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  Comment by : sweetfire13

  All I have to say


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  Comment by : Defiant_Will

  This character is a blast to play with and hard as hell to fight! I got so good with him, that I was able to beat most of the high AI characters that I couldn't beat before. Looked at the command list and damn, you have to be quick to pull that lvl 3 super out. Fast-paced fighting style and feels completely original. Overall, pretty damn good character. If you ever make anymore characters, I could review them and give constructive criticism if you'd want. Thanks for this cool addition to mugen.

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  Comment by : rocmega

  what the move of character kamen rider kaixa

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  Comment by : .-.

  Whin I download the char, I find only an image and a "fuck.exe" inside. .-.

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  Comment by : buy


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  Comment by : romer


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  Comment by : nanbol

  can u pls upload another link this one keeps giving me a 200kb file which is not the character

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  Comment by : MartyrMasochist

  The link doesn't work. I keep getting a 'fuck.exe' and a jpg. Where's the character?

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  Comment by : maxpower

  kaixa's a total badass!!! awesome!

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  Comment by : antukechik

  hi,,,can u teach me how to do gold smash...i try many times it cant be done..plzz....how

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  Comment by : Azuroh

  Awesome character

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  Comment by : bishoptheblue

  omg i think i orgasmed.... so much epic

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