Ryuuken by Azcal

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  Comment by : Gozar

  A KOF Igniz voice pack?! This is gonna be a good time... cool

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  Comment by : anis91

  and by the way guys, the other char is called pepe

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  Comment by : anis91

  aww.......awesome men!! very good char,

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  Comment by : W_Shadow

  omg Oberpowerd unblockable supers are totaly lame...

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  Comment by : SinGoku

  hey, isnt that song from a megaman game??

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  Comment by : jasonr

  if you could send me the link to download that music, that sounds like the remix to mm2 first dr wily stage it sounds awesome in a fighting game

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  Comment by : ShinOrochiDavis

  What screen pack is that?!

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  Comment by : Nishingo

  Pepe from Rage of the Dragons.

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  Comment by : devilrocks

  Nice Character budd, bt who is the other one. He is Freakin Awesome!!! happy

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