Kratos by eddywardster ( god of war )

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  Comment by : Killer_Instinct_Rulez

  Lol Kratos needs a MASSIVE graphic change

  Comment by : eddywardster

  Newest:Latest Kratos

  Comment by : eddywardster

  @fathead1214 Thanks. I really wish that toy is in my room right now. biggrin

  Comment by : fathead1214

  Yo Thanks for Kratos...

  Comment by : eddywardster

  Hey guys here's the latest version of Kratos get him here.

  Comment by : saiyan777

  good god of war char smile smile smile

  Comment by : eddywardster

  The link has been renewed thnks to buy.

  Comment by : eddywardster

  @Kunshin To be honest I wish I knew how to make him WinMugen compatible.

  Comment by : Kunshin

  could u plz make one for winmugen eddy? it seems to be an epic char

  Comment by : Rômulo

  esse char não funciona no meu mugem sad

  Comment by : eddywardster

  Thanks buy for adding my character.
Sorry about that guys he only works for MUGEN v1.0 actually. Oh and there's actually an newly fixed version of kratos that I've made recently. I suggest you download that. The link is in the vid.

  Comment by : War_Song

  Crap!!!!! not working

  Comment by : War_Song

  oh boy, i was looking for one of these ohhhhhhh yeah i will try and tell you

  Comment by : cheatfreak25

  Awesome character is awesome. Granted, he doesnt work for WinMUGEN.

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