masterchief by Xihark ( timeshift )

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  Comment by : matheus

  Dude ... Master Chief is the game halo

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  Comment by : Scruffy

  guy was right, he has the same look as the guy from Timeshift, but is just a reskinned version of Master Chief from Halo.
Timeshift Character

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  Comment by : john

  can u upload in a diferent place

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  Comment by : Naruke


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  Comment by : ®are Åkümå

  zero banshee ,,sprite super wartog,puff

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  Comment by : Maverick

  He's from Haze. It's not the same character from Halo.

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  Comment by : nodog438

  you fool its that guy from halo not haze haze didnt exitst

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  Comment by : jony

  how do i get chars

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  Comment by : Deathnintendo

  dude thats the guy from haze not halo

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