Little Fighter Naruto 2.0

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  Comment by : Wlk

  Delete :(

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  Comment by : dbzVSavatar

  removed because of virus im guessing?just a said the terms were violated on both links.whoever made,maby if u didnt want to put virus,u could have accidently put in a virus?IDK IM JUST GUESSING.

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  Comment by : damian

  how do you download this game i dont no how but its still sick i played it before

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  Comment by : sasuke

  nde donde pico estakabuchimaru donde lo puedo encontrar porfa vor diganme

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  Comment by : uchia itachi

  how to download it ???? damn

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  Comment by : choqueta

  muito show o naruto 2 legal maneiro

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  Comment by : - -*


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  Comment by : 555


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  Comment by : MAVAZA


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  Comment by : Ninja-Kid

  how i can dow

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  Comment by : Karbon

  Where do you download it? the links don't work... :'(

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  Comment by : SASUKE1999

  it's a cool man

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  Comment by : wahyu yanda


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  Comment by : shadowxmist

  Thankz dude this game rocks

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  Comment by : Jukil

  COOL man !

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  Comment by : Terence Yap

  The Little Fighter Naruto 2.0 is best to play it.

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  Comment by : unknown

  why do you are so freaking g@y?

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  Comment by : Mike

  Little fighter? Why the hell is Lf2 in a Mugen site?

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  Comment by : sasukebg

  coool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will download it happy

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  Comment by : team_hawk1

  tongue tongue awesome

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  Comment by : VegetaSsj4


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  Comment by : Psycho_Uchiha

  k, thanks 4 the upload happy

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  Comment by : OdT_SolDier

  lol this game rulez <3 xD

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  Comment by : Psycho_Uchiha

  just a question buy, this games uses mugen engine?

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  Comment by : buy

  No it doesn't. I added because it is a freeware fighting game just like mugen.

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