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high resolution mugen ready to play

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- hi res mugen engine
- hi res stages
- goku hi res
- hi res life bar

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[ · Download high resolution mugen ready to play (16mb)


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 Total comments:

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  Comment by : xman263

  Download is broken qq

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  Comment by : Gozar

  Okay, just a little note...GOKU'S AI IS FUCKING CHEAP!!!!!!!!!

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  Comment by : Suisei

  quero saber como que posta chars :/ eu to com um android 18 muito foooda !!!

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  Comment by : alekesam

  Did anyone ever answer if this really will kill up your HArd drive?

Other than that, looks awesome. Is there a character limit on it?

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  Comment by : Cebix

  I am trying to redownload this but it says its a 502 bad Gateway...

link works for me

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  Comment by : folk

  download takes fuckin forever!!!!

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  Comment by : Dster

  Thanks Qwertzy u rule!

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  Comment by : fahim

  please...help me....how to put stages into hi res win mugen high resolution????


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  Comment by : foshojesus

  is it safe? like antivirus wise?

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  Comment by : respeck

  how can u tell if a char is hi-res or not? and how do u change a char from lo-res to hi-res?

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  Comment by : Qwertzy

  Hey guys, I found a good site with some hi-res characters: http://kamekaze.clubsyn-x-treme.net/

P/S: The hi-res ones are all the Yuyu Hakusho characters, the DBZ characters included in the link besides Gohan under the "DBZ Chars" title and Captain Falcon under the "Original Chars" title.

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  Comment by : Seizhin

  Thank you for the download, it helps a lot :)

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  Comment by : Roki741

  does it have a mode where you can choose what computer to fight???

0   Spam
  Comment by : SomebodyUnknown

  say what when i try 2 download it it sais country slots full ad another link please that doesnt say that

0   Spam
  Comment by : buy

  You have to use high res chars

0   Spam
  Comment by : obs

  i downloaded the hires engine but when i play with my chars, they look pixelated. like, i seen them look clear on utube n stuff. if someone can add a comment to help me out here that wouldbe great :O

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  Comment by : buy

  You have to use high res chars.

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  Comment by : KDaj

  [color=purple]muitto de +++ esse jogo smile smile smile smile smile smile smile

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  Comment by : vaikepois

  Is there any screenpack for Hi-res? where i can lot of chars...

0   Spam
  Comment by : jeff

  can somone please share with me a site that gives hi resolution charecters i cant find any but guilty gear but i want like street fighter ones

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  Comment by : neonori

  wait can this really erase your hard drive

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  Comment by : Debiasebr


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  Comment by : buy


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  Comment by : wespose

  Very sharp resolution, chracters move faster, great verion of Mugen.......but theres that little "Specific" titled readme that says this version can erase your hard drive so I stopped using it. Whats the deal with the erase your hard drive message? can it really do that?

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  Comment by : Banana

  Can you use install any char/stages or just hi-res ones?

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  Comment by : buy

  You can install low res chars also.

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  Comment by : Pavon

  i have a question..... can any char be able to play at high def mugen? or just high def chars???

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  Comment by : Baka-chan

  Can someone tell me where I can get Tohou characters? TwT I can only find Hong Meiling... I want Marisa!

0   Spam
  Comment by : cptriker1

  You mind telling me just HOW in the heck u got this game from this d/l site???? It's nothing but CRAP and doesn't give you access to the files!

0   Spam
  Comment by : buy

  Changed the site, try again.

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  Comment by : DIZZIE1995

  angry sad dry happy smile biggrin

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  Comment by : asm


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  Comment by : V3rG!L

  pretty cool ... but im looking for dante to fight with vergil ... some1 can tell me where to get it?

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  Comment by : dailyqwerty

  grrrrr site made me wait angry angry biggrin

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