Kimimaro by Aryo

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  Comment by : Nemesis_LT

  Kimimaro goes to my TOP 6.There already is one in my roster, but this one is cool, too. One problem - no CS2 sad .

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  Comment by : :C

  That stage is I beleive 'Sasuke Encore' or at least thats what mine says...

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  Comment by : Watiserbeschikbaar1

  Wow assum character i downloaded xD

but whats the stage ;O

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  Comment by : oddin

  Freaking awesome Kimimaro ^.^ It's simply the best I played so far and I tested a lot :P Thanks for the cool char :)

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  Comment by : WEEEGEEE

  whats that stage

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  Comment by : banana_27

  is a nice kimmimaro

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  Comment by : Furoku

  Uhh...nice character, but it doesn't look like Kimimaro xD

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  Comment by : Vytautas

  This Kimimaro is the best.

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