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  Comment by : MADARA uchia

  i never see better sasuke i cant beelive he is great!!!!!!!!!:D

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  Comment by : mister sasuke

  this is a cool sasuke but the link is broken vor me

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  Comment by : XBladeist

  ok i ll pick him.

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  Comment by : NiKiToS40069

  ORIGINAL PLS........... happy

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  Comment by : vasko97

  its not the best its one of the best :smile:

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  Comment by : deidara


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  Comment by : tvl

  how to do csi (post movelist in english plssss)

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  Comment by : koifish

  btw i accidently deleted my old best sasuke by cj2fly

but now deposit files won't allow me to download anymore

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  Comment by : killa2843

  thumb yes yes download don't doubt just download him. damn this character is fucking hard, it has kirin,cs2,csi but only doing chidori, kirin and it also has huge fireball and ever order fire ball justu. i wish everymugen char was like yours:D smile biggrin smile smile hands thumb yes yes

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  Comment by : danielov

  angry this are not a best sasuke

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  Comment by : koifish

  prove it show us a new one

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  Comment by : Dokumas

  yeah can you plz tell me why one is different from the other i would really like to play as the black costume sasuke plz

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  Comment by : naruto fan\guest

  you can use mangekyo sharingan by pressing down then y

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  Comment by : maxim ssss


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  Comment by : nagato

  this sasuke is da can do kirin.......first transform to cs2 and then press y+z.....hope it helps....

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  Comment by : Kadeem Downie

  To transform into cs2 form, charge chidori to full power. To do chidori, u only press & hold one button.

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  Comment by : Kadeem Downie

  He is a great character and all, but why is he so ridiculously overpowered?

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  Comment by : lrchanel

  l like it it is realy the best can you make a naruto like dhat

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  Comment by : kerwin s

  ur character is awsome and is the best without susanno u should make more charcters the same way

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  Comment by : Narutofan

  Sasuke to download is better than sasuke from video :D

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  Comment by : pfff

  why the fuck the sasuke is diffrent then the one in the video ?
Why do you fucking trick people to download ?

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  Comment by : Bleachfan

  Guys create Best Naruto and after that create best sakura, team 8 etc

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  Comment by : oddin

  This Sasuke is simply ultimate Susuke :D one of the best I ever seen :)

Nice work, thanks :)

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  Comment by : narutorasengan80

  this is not the sasuke from the video.
but it's 1 of the best sasukes I have.

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  Comment by : valentinov


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  Comment by : cam2208

  it gave me his normal future suit

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  Comment by : Sasuke_Kun

  cool char man this is the best sasuke

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  Comment by : MGSSJ2


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  Comment by : Pavel

  The bEst biggrin not is the best hawk is the best cool but...on this char is cool

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  Comment by : AK47

  im still waiting on a zetsu to be created

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  Comment by : naruto11091996

  where is the move list

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