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  Comment by : MADARA uchia

  i never see better sasuke i cant beelive he is great!!!!!!!!!:D

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  Comment by : mister sasuke

  this is a cool sasuke but the link is broken vor me

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  Comment by : XBladeist

  ok i ll pick him.

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  Comment by : NiKiToS40069

  ORIGINAL PLS........... happy

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  Comment by : vasko97

  its not the best its one of the best :smile:

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  Comment by : deidara


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  Comment by : tvl

  how to do csi (post movelist in english plssss)

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  Comment by : koifish

  btw i accidently deleted my old best sasuke by cj2fly

but now deposit files won't allow me to download anymore

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  Comment by : danielov

  angry this are not a best sasuke

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  Comment by : koifish

  prove it show us a new one

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  Comment by : Dokumas

  yeah can you plz tell me why one is different from the other i would really like to play as the black costume sasuke plz

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  Comment by : naruto fan\guest

  you can use mangekyo sharingan by pressing down then y

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  Comment by : maxim ssss


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  Comment by : nagato

  this sasuke is da can do kirin.......first transform to cs2 and then press y+z.....hope it helps....

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  Comment by : Kadeem Downie

  To transform into cs2 form, charge chidori to full power. To do chidori, u only press & hold one button.

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  Comment by : Kadeem Downie

  He is a great character and all, but why is he so ridiculously overpowered?

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  Comment by : lrchanel

  l like it it is realy the best can you make a naruto like dhat

0   Spam
  Comment by : kerwin s

  ur character is awsome and is the best without susanno u should make more charcters the same way

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  Comment by : Narutofan

  Sasuke to download is better than sasuke from video :D

-2   Spam
  Comment by : pfff

  why the fuck the sasuke is diffrent then the one in the video ?
Why do you fucking trick people to download ?

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  Comment by : Bleachfan

  Guys create Best Naruto and after that create best sakura, team 8 etc

+1   Spam
  Comment by : oddin

  This Sasuke is simply ultimate Susuke :D one of the best I ever seen :)

Nice work, thanks :)

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  Comment by : narutorasengan80

  this is not the sasuke from the video.
but it's 1 of the best sasukes I have.

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  Comment by : valentinov


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  Comment by : cam2208

  it gave me his normal future suit

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  Comment by : Sasuke_Kun

  cool char man this is the best sasuke

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  Comment by : MGSSJ2


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  Comment by : Pavel

  The bEst biggrin not is the best hawk is the best cool but...on this char is cool

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  Comment by : AK47

  im still waiting on a zetsu to be created

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  Comment by : naruto11091996

  where is the move list

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  Comment by : mr. googleme

  well do you kno where i can get some af characterz

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