Gai Sensei by A3R

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  Comment by : Ryorinmaru

  Lol gimme this and gimme that please. Guys seriously, just go look it up. go to google and type, mugen characters shippuden sasuke, or mugen characters kyuubi naruto and I BETCHA you will find atleast 5 different versions. Guaranteed. JUST make sure to check diff. websites to actually find them. You have to look.

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  Comment by : Jin


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  Comment by : Roki741

  Ya know, I would like to see one might guy that isn't overpowered in ANY's not your fault it's just impossible...

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  Comment by : Xenowort

  Por qual motivo ninguém coloca um DANZOU completo com IZANAGI no MUGEN?

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  Comment by : Jin

  how do you do with sasuke firestyle dragonfire jutsu?

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  Comment by : emmanuel uzumaki

  good Youu can do most

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  Comment by : john

  Give me the link for the sasuke shippuden character please

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  Comment by : uchiha Andrew

  Por que aki as pessoas tem de falar em ingles ?

o A3R achei esse mugen que você fez fico muito bom.
vlw ;-)

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  Comment by : chaospendragon

  give me a link for this screenpack plzz

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  Comment by : Zoli

  Give me the link for the pain character PLZ

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  Comment by : read

  im sorry wrong link here it is

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  Comment by : read

  here da link for the mugen game

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  Comment by : read

  where can i download that mugen game to, where????

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  Comment by : Uzumaki_Eremita

  até q ñ é tão ruim( so where i can download that mugen game) ñ usei o google tradutor(i don't used the google translator) eu sei falar inglês msm '-' dry

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  Comment by : ShedowDogg

  Ruim surprised

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