Rikudo Sanin by cliff

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  Comment by : handri

  how to add rikudo in the game??share please

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  Comment by : Kuhnbayah

  Anyone have a link to a well-balanced and good Yondaime? I really need one.

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  Comment by : AXZOAD

  can he transform into 10 tail?? wink

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  Comment by : Wikidavid

  How i post my chars in this section?

pm them to me that i'll post to you

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  Comment by : MGFA

  Cliff you can do chars more easy?plz i cant beat your chars sad

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  Comment by : ultranx

  most epic looking rikudo sannin characer i've ever seen. by the way, is Babricogurl still working on that nine tails chakra mode naruto? i hope so because i really want it.

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  Comment by : reddrag

  can u fix link its not working angry

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  Comment by : Kuhnbayah

  Very nice char , Well balanced and unlike the other rikudo's he's actually able to get hit like any normal char. and the ten tails summon....wow...

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  Comment by : FDragon

  i will try it. biggrin

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