Natsu Dragneel by Uchiha ( Fairy Tail )

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  Comment by : SSJ5-Gohan

There has finally been a Natsu, and it has to be for Mugen 1.0 after I finally finished putting my characters on a new screenpack. Is there a way to down-grade it from Mugen 1.0 to the old mugen?

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  Comment by : chipsandhappy

  Calm down it didn't work cause u guys have to use mugen 1.0 download rc8 mugen type in Google

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  Comment by : Daniel

  hi i too cant use this char and i need it badly.

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  Comment by : KKisame

  i cant make it work either because of the same problem plz ix this i think this is the only natsu out there we kinda want it....

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  Comment by : DragonSlayer

  i cant use that char i get an error and my mugen game crashes
pls how can i fix it .. it says that it can't load the .def file

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  Comment by : Francy4ita

  hey when i put it on my mugen i got an error and mugen crash all the times. How can i fix it? i want to use this cool char pls

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  Comment by : salieu

  can u give me the link for ur mugen

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  Comment by : salieu

  it didnt work for me

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  Comment by : dx

  too cool

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  Comment by : onbunaruto

  dude where did u get that tsuna it looks nice

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