Death Star by TROY

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  Comment by : 40KEndgame

  Awesome character, but MUGEN crashes after a few matches. Has anyone else been experiencing this?

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  Comment by : Nato

  If someones using an Oblivion gate as the background there better be a char from the same game

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  Comment by : XBladeist

  dude the deathstar got a mugen generatorXD.

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  Comment by : DarthVader45

  JEEZ I downloaded the second death star and mugen stopped working after a couple of fights. WTH!

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  Comment by : Nintendolover

  awesome. Legend Goku is the first character that will fight it as soon as i am done downloading :D

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  Comment by : fukyou

  this is racist as hell

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  Comment by : Gwen

  lol what.
Ok wow I'd have never thought of the deathstar as a fighting char ._.;; this tops micheal jackson on the strange fighters list. xD

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  Comment by : WTF!?


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