Ultraman by muu

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  Comment by : hi


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  Comment by : ilikeluigi

  The link dosen't seem to work. Because it brings me to a japanese site with one button thar closes the window.

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  Comment by : XBladeist

  whos him and whos the pocket char that s fighting him??

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  Comment by : dchyang

  Hey, don't judge the Ultra's like that. I have 7 of them and Ill tell you guys now.... playing them is a little different, but OMG..! Have you guys tried fighting them? They're hard as hell.

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  Comment by : Shadow3347

  this is the most stupidest character that i hate it (from TV show) but anyway i'll download it

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  Comment by : BTank

  .... cant believe u even put a link fr him crazy crazy

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  Comment by : buy

  I add anything. It is up to the user decide what he likes not me.

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  Comment by : SinGoku

  hahahaha, bad memories?

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  Comment by : Kraymel

  OMG,this guy again...

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