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This mai is one of the cheapest chars ever so you won't be able to defeat her no matter what. She can defeat evil ken in no time

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  Comment by : Dajaker

  Did anyone else notice that occasionally she will fight for you but not when you want her to dry

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  Comment by : AwieAGC

  HAHA..Try HIDAN from Naruto,. make him to 2nd form,and NO ONE can beat him..except LIGHT YAGAMI

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  Comment by : BNZZ

  Actually you can beat rare Mai. Its called F1 my friend

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  Comment by : XxXWolfsFangXxX

  I found two characters that effortlessly beat Rare Akuma....Madara,it's not the one on this site,I found this one on esnips....And God Igniz

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  Comment by : GUY

  well since noone but this out and im sure no one here really cares but she takes her top of if she uses her strongest special to kill the opponent

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  Comment by : AnimeWarBringer

  light yagami is sick but uchimara is impossible to beat

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  Comment by : uzair

  it really sucks

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  Comment by : wowowow


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  Comment by : SinGoku

  hahaha doosh'e tongue

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  Comment by : Itachi of Philippines30

  SILENT! ALL OF CHAR is SOO WEAK! why?????? Because it's Lack of Hatred!!!!

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  Comment by : Dotz

  I have another one. an unbeatable character known as F1... the character... actually it's a character similar to f1

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  Comment by : bryant

  rare akuma is hard to beat can't beat it cause of 999 combo hit black out so try ur lack fighting one biggrin

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  Comment by : Glitch

  Two words" Light Yagami

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  Comment by : damn

  hmm there is an unbeatable character. Gogeta, surprisingly, is tougher than nightmare broli. He has a combo above 50 hits and a hyper power that is unblockable and kills you in one shot. Not to mention, the auto regenerating mana. =\

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  Comment by : a doosh'e

  dude im pretty sure someone is going to be her.remeber kids theres no such thing as an unbeatable character.but what do i know im a doosh'e.

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