Silver the Hedgehog by Pokechao

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  Comment by : rahzel14

  men how can i go super silver

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  Comment by : mrHowlll

  cool screenpack. It's based on sonic the fighters isn't it. Can you send me it.

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  Comment by : Russell

  how do i change him????? when i click on an ".act" file it it tells me to search the web for the appropriate program :(

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  Comment by : 000exe

  I can't find that stage anywhere, can you send it to

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  Comment by : Corey

  lol is that track an edit of numa numa? XD (Dragostea din tei)

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  Comment by : ME MYSELF AND I

  [color=orange]Cool silver...[/color]

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  Comment by : type name here

  link not working

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  Comment by : vasko

  That is Nazo the white hedgehog

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  Comment by : Neo_Fire_Sonic

  No, nazo is light blue........... silver is white. dry

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  Comment by : 4DAmbition

  Cool silver im using it :D[color=orange]

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  Comment by : kenny7591

  thanks for silver

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  Comment by : free man

  What stage is that?

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  Comment by : CAT

  A nintendo DS stage LOL.
I'll send him to you if you want.

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  Comment by : 8

  hey that one al ready exists(sorry for my bad english im mexican)

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  Comment by : kyle

  looks like edited shadow but its good

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  Comment by : CAT

  I used Shadow as a template.

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