metal sonic mk3 by supermystery

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[ Download metal sonic mk3 by supermystery (221.4Kb)


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  Comment by : ICHOOSEYOU!! DARK...sonic?

  i cant move him. :/ why is that?

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  Comment by : Tim

  I have ultimate zip but wen i download this it still works even though its winrar it's still working??? :)

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  Comment by : SpikeDARK

  I downloaded it without any problems.
and I have winZIP.

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  Comment by : maski

  he is cool, but have metal sonic moves? and have you perfect metal sonic from super mario bros z?

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  Comment by : person

  can you preaty please put up the link with a zip file instead of a rar? because not all people have winrar or whatever.

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  Comment by : DukeNukem2417

  Can someone post Supermystery's other Sonic characters on this site?

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  Comment by : random person

  above the picture is the download link

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  Comment by : MutantBadger

  ^ Cannot move ^

He cant move, he's just a weak boss char.

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  Comment by : angel


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  Comment by : angel

  some1 tell me how 2 download that character

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  Comment by : buy


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  Comment by : DarkDavid148


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